De franska sexarbetarnas svar
på Kajsa Ekis Ekmans artikeln i Bang

fra7.jpgI förra veckan kritiserade jag skarpt Kajsa Ekis Ekmans artikel i Bang – Den koloniala hormyten. Jag ska i rättvisans namn säga att jag inte läst hela artikeln utan bara den del som är publicerad på Internet.

I artikeln intervjuar Ekman Florence Montreynaud, en fransk historiker och feminist sedan 38 år tillbaka, som nu gärna vill införa en sexköpslag i Frankrike.

I artikeln står det t.ex. – Den franska prostitutionen är dock inte annorlunda än i resten av Europa: en industri med 63 procent kvinnor från fattiga länder, ofta ex-kolonier, och där 95 procent kontrolleras av hallickar – samt att det skulle vara hallickarna som ligger bakom de franska sexarbetarorganisationerna!

Det är tyvärr alltför vanligt förekommande att när tidningar skriver om prostitution så tar man inte kontakt med sexarbetarna själva och deras organisationer. Detta är ett mycket märkligt fenomen, för annars brukar detta alltid göras när det gäller andra yrkesgrupper. Och om man bara låter, som i detta fallet, feminister som är emot prostitution få lov att uttala sig i en artikel så förleds läsaren att tro att det hon beskriver om prostitution i Frankrike är sanningen. Och trots att det finns flera organisationer i Frankrike för sexarbetare så kunde jag inte se att de alls kom till tals.

fra8.jpgJag ville att mina franska kollegor skulle få ta del av vad som skrivits om dem i Sverige och jag fick hjälp med att översättningen av Josh som har bloggen Enligt Min Humla.

Stort varmt tack för hjälpen Josh!

Och här kommer de franska sexarbetarnas reaktion och svar på Ekmans artikel i Bang. I svaret kan ni också läsa vad de hade svarat om Ekman ställt samma frågor till dem som hon gjorde till den gamla feministen Montreynaud.


This interview is again an example of the ignorance of abolitionist people about prostitution. It’s completely false to say that 95 % of prostitutes in France have a pimp.

fra17.jpgIt’s an anti migration view considering that all migrants are trafficked because they dare pay frontier runners to come to France illegally or that our husbands are pimps because we dare earn more money than men with who we live and do what we want with our money.

Florence Montreynaud is representative of the old feminism in France. She doesn’t know anything about prostitution except that she doesn’t want for her and her daughter to become a prostitute.

We have in France more and more feminists who express support to sex workers demands, but it’s always the same ignorant people who are interviewed as experts.

Why don’t they ask the French whores what they think about the Swedish law? The reason is simple: We don’t want it! At many occasions French sex workers opposed this law. In July 2006, 5 of them wrote an article in the daily newspaper Libération to say « Non à la pénalisation de nos clients » = No to the penalization of our clients.

fra6.jpgSince 2 years sex workers organize a demonstration every year, the « Pute Pride » = whore pride march, to condemn repressive laws against our clients or us and to demand rights.

One of our slogans was: « le modèle suédois, on n’en veut pas! »= The Swedish model, we don’t want it!

In March we organized a conference about sex work and all French associations of prostitutes were there. All French prostitutes’ organizations are against the Swedish law. You can ask all of them what they think:

Les amis du Bus des femmes
58, rue des Amandiers – 75020 Paris
Tél. 01 43 14 98 98 –
Fax. 01 43 14 91 73
Femmes de droit-Droit des femmes
16 rue de Picpus 75012 PARIS
O1.43 47 48 50
PASTT (Prévention Action Santé
Travail pour les Transgenres)
94, rue Lafayette – 75010 Paris
Tél. 01 53 24 15 40 –
Fax. 01 53 24 15 38
BP 1145,
69203 Lyon Cedex 01
Tél. 04 78 30 02 65 –
Fax. 04 78 30 97 45
14 rue Lafon –
3100 Toulouse
Tél. & Fax.
05 61 62 98 61
Les Putes

fra11.jpgNo we don’t want to stop our job.

We don’t want to have to hide ourselves in order to protect our clients and keep them.

We don’t want to live with unemployment claims.

We don’t want to be forced to do bad jobs.

We don’t want to find a good husband who will « rescue us ».

We don’t want pity.

We don’t want repression and clandestinely of our work.

To answer at the same questions:

How does today’s law work?
The French law against passive solicitation is fascist racist and sexist. This law is fascist because of all repression, police violence and privation of sex workers’ rights. This law is racist because it expects to deport all sex workers migrants. This law is sexist because it attacks especially women and transgender people.

fra12.jpgOne thing that Montreynaud didn’t say, is that French feminists like her have a responsibility in the vote of this law which was defended as a way to fight against women trafficking. Nobody helped sex workers movement against this law and until today abolitionist and feminist movements ignore sex workers claims against it.

Worse these abolitionist people like Marcovitch were auditioned by French lawmakers before the law.

They don’t do anything against Sarkozy because they need government’s money in order to make campaigns against prostitution like last year during the world cup in Germany.

They could have an advert at French TV, that was financed by public founds, to explain that prostitution is baaaaaaad, to stigmatise sex work and especially Germany, who dared to legalize sex work. We know today that all the things about 40 000 trafficked women was an invention.

But it seemed better to people like Montreynaud to campaign against Germany and prostitution in this country than against the French law even if sex workers situation in France is one of the worse in Europe with Sweden. We have to resist to the police repression in France , that is not the case in Germany where our colleagues can work in security.

fra15.jpgWhat is your perspective on the sexworker-movement?
I think even if we have many foles like Montreynaud or Marcovitch we will be succesful to make people respect our rights. People will understand that all their lies about our supposed pimps who manipulate us is a wrong and stupid argument.

I think we are a community with a lot of energy. We have many things to teach to other women movements. We are beautiful and proud.

Do you believe in a society without prostitution?
No I don’t. And I don’t understand why prostitution should disappear. I don’t know what the problem with prostitution is.

The problem is when you force people to do what they don’t want to do. So we need more freedom to choose our jobs.

For example migrants must have papers to live and work where and how they want, transgender people must have the right to change their identity papers with their gender in order not to be discriminate on the work market and if we don’t want to stop being prostitutes we shouldn’t be forced to give up.

fra14.jpgIf abolitionist people were not so stupid they would understand that it’s impossible to fight prostitution without fighting prostitutes.

What we need is not a society without prostitution but a society without discrimination against prostitutes.

So stop to discriminate us in privating us the ways to earn money in penalizing our clients. Stop to talk for us and let us say what we want. We are not slaves we are citizens like you.

What is your view on Europe’s future? Where are the nations laws on prostitution heading?
I hope Sweden and all European countries will stop fight prostitution and let sex workers have the same rights than all other workers. I hope that our human rights will be respected. I think there is a big risk that France become the second country in Europe to penalize clients and it’s very dangerous if a country like France defend this kind of repression inside the European Union.

Thierry Schaffauser
Sex worker in France


Läs mer om hur sexarbetarna har det i Franrike genom att t.ex. ta del av Femmes de droit-Droit des femmes argument:

fra19.jpgThe USIT fulfils [Home Minister] Sarkozy and his successor’s ‘quantitative’ objectives: 2683 persons have been arrested since its creation, 310 women from Eastern European countries have been sent back with no consideration for their future and safety. African women, also victims of organised networks, have been similarly treated.

As for French women, they too suffer from police and judicial harassment. The consequences of this law are disastrous in more ways than one, as prostitutes suffer from the negative effects of their enforced illegality: work in remote areas, attacks and rape from clients who take advantage of their precarious situation, increased blackmails over prices and hitherto resisted practices, diminution of the number of clients fearful of publicity, worrying increase of the overall vulnerability of prostitutes who however continue to pay (growing) taxes and fines. Whatever one thinks of prostitution, it is not acceptable that people are treated in this way in the name of a purely demagogic ( racoleuse ) policy.

Eller läs om vad Cabiria har att berätta:

Since the latest presidential elections, we noticed a real change in government policy. Sex workers have been facing an all-out police repression caused by anti-prostitution municipal orders in several French towns (Orleans, Strasbourg, Aix-en-Provence, Lyon…) and by a bill proposed by the new Home Secretary. This bill plans that soliciting will be punished by a 6 months prison sentence and a 3 750 € fine.

fra18.jpgMigrants will be expulsed whether they have got a residence permit or not when they will be seen working the street by the police.

The municipal order in Lyon has been in force since August, 1st. Repression gradually increased. Sex workers are harassed, frightened and jailed ; likened to delinquents, threatened, sent back to clandestinity and permanently exposed to violence. Since May, we have been writing all kind of repression that have been facing sex workers in a journal that is already 20 pages long. There is a real increase in violence. This is violence from the police, from clients and from inhabitants. French population seems to be thinking that there is now impunity and that they have the right to trouble sex workers because so does the government.


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